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The following assignment is used to introduce you to the text book- the way it is organized and the various components of the book.


The warm up:


1)      Who are the authors of the book? ________________________


2)      How many pages does the text book contain? _____________


3)      How many chapters are in the book? _________________


4)      What is the topic of Chapter 14 in the book? ___________________


5)      In the English glossary, what is the first word listed alphabetically under H? ____________


6)      What other language is available for the glossary? _________________


7)      On what page in the text book can you find information about electron microscopy? ______________


8)      What is the topic covered in Chapter 11 of the text? __________________


9)      What is the key concept of question 21 of the section Assessment in chapter 18 section 3.


10)  What is concept is covered in Appendix C of the text book?


11)  How many sections are contained in chapter 19?


12)  What is the answer to number 39 on page 535?


13)  On what page would you find an image of bonding orbitals?


14)  What formula would be used to solve problems that involve the volume and pressure of a gas?


15)  What is the topic of Figure 9.22?


16)  Specifically, what is the job of a wastewater engineer?


17)  Sketch the picture provided by the text to explain the relationship between precision and accuracy.



18)  What is the chemical symbol for element number 97? ____________


19)  How many elements are considered either semimetals or metaloids? __________


20)  What is the value for the solubility product constant of calcium fluoride (CaF2)? ______________


21)  What is the key equation to chapter 15? _________________


22)  According to the text, what is the definition of the mole?




23)  On what page is it possible to find the image of a pH meter?  _____________


24)  How many kilograms are in a ton? _____________


25)  Write the formula for the combined gas law: