Chemistry Scanned Assignments

Chemistry Scanned Assignments


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Properties of Elements

Handout Mono and Poly atomic Ions

By posting handouts here, I won't have to worry about distributing papers in class over and over if you have lost them. The information students need will always be at their finger tips.

I might make the handout available for download. Or I might scan the handout and place it here so students don't have to go any further than their favorite class web site.

Periodic Table of Elements

Math Pretest

Laboratory Equipment Handout

Laboratory Equipment Worksheet

Laboratory Safety Contract

Blank Periodic Table

Chapter 1 Icosohedral Element Project

Text Book Scavenger Hunt

Unit Analysis Wkst 1-B

Unit Analysis Wkst I-C/D

Chapter 1 Significant Figures Worksheets

Metric Mania and Metric Conversion Worksheet

Reading Scientific Equipment Worksheets

Percent Composition Worksheet