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Unit Analysis Wkst I-C/D

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1)      How many tablespoons are there in a single quart of ice cream if 2 tablespoons is an ounce and there are 32 ounces in a quart?





2)      While her son Justin was growing up, Regina worked only 5 hours a day so that she could be home when the bus dropped him off.  Unfortunately during the 1970’s Regina could only get a minimum wage job that would allow her to keep these hours.  She earned only $3.50 an hour.  During a five day work week, how much could Regina earn.






3)      An expert carpenter, Pat was able to hammer in 16 nails in a single minute.  Many people were impressed at his hammering ability.  If  Pat were able to keep this pace, how long would it take Pat to put 6 nails in each of 100 boards?






4)      A small carpenter ant can walk about .0001 m/s.  How long would it take to that same ant to walk all the way down Ilona’s 7.6 cm long ring finger.  (100 cm = 1 m)






5)      Rupert invites 100 people to attend his end of the school year celebration.  He decides to serve shrimp to his guests and hope that each only eats an average of four shrimp.  At the local fish market, Rupert can attain about 20 medium sized shrimp per pound that cost $3.75 per pound.  How many pounds of shrimp should Rupert order to satisfy his guests, and at what will it come to Rupert. (Do not worry about traveling expenses, Rupert rides his bike)


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Dimensional Analysis Worksheet 1-D




1)      How much are a dozen soccer balls if they are sold at $19.00 per ball?



2)      How many gallons of oil are in 4.5 drums that each hold 55.7 gallons per drum?




3)      What is the number of woofs if you have seven glops and there are six woofs per glop?




4)      A sewing machine is adjusted to sew 35 stitches per 3 inches.  How many stitches are needed to sew 136 inches?




5)      How many tablespoons are there in a quart of ice cream if there are two tablespoons to an ounce and 32 ounces to a quart?





6)      There are 7 gilhoolies per flam and 2 flams per blam.   For each blam, 4 booms are used.  There are 14 bams per boom.  How many bams are there per gilhoolie?





7)      There are 27 grams of aluminum per mole aluminum.  Each mole aluminum requires 3 moles chlorine atoms.  There is 1 mole chlorine atoms per .5 mole chlorine molecules.  Each mole of chlorine molecules weighs 71. g.  How many grams chlorine molecules are needed for 1 gram aluminum?





8)      You are the science officer of a starship.  A landing party is beamed down to the surface of the planet “Gamma Hydra III”.  You plan to travel 10 miles/day to explore the surface.  One of the crew does not recognize your units.  Since Vulcans have these conversion factors: 1 zonk = 5 miles, and 1 tic = 2 days.  How many zonks/ tics does 10 miles / day equal?