Chemistry Scanned Assignments

Percent Composition Worksheet

Chemistry Scanned Assignments

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Percent Composition Review Worksheet 1


1)      How many atoms of each element are in the following compounds

a.       NaCl


b.      BaSO4


c.       Mg(ClO4)2


d.      (NH4)3PO3


2)      What is the percent composition of the following compounds  by element:

a.       AgBr


b.      NaNO3


c.       C3H6O3


3)      A sample of silver chloride is found to contain 18.97 g of silver.  How many grams of chloride should be present?





4)      A 400.23 gram sample of aluminum oxide (Al2O3) is found to be 56.34 % pure.  How many kilograms of aluminum could be recovered from purification and decomposition of the ore?





5)      An unknown compound was found to contain 45.32 % barium by mass.  If the total mass of the barium recovered is 89.23 kg, what was the mass of the sample analyzed?  How many grams of the other components should be contained in the sample?





6)      A sample of an aluminum containing compound was purified.  .0098 m3 of aluminum was recovered from the sample.  If this aluminum accounted for 14.23 % of the impure ore and 57.23 % of the compound, what is the mass of the ore and the compound recovered?